Civil Works Program Transformation


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) civil works program is undergoing a major makeover. The program, which includes emergency response from floods, has often been hit with criticisms of being inefficient in the past. A 2011 customer survey revealed complaints in the issue of ‘Corps Policies/Requirements’ and ‘Corps Bureaucracy.’ Some customers also stated that the USACE business processes had a negative impact either on project cost, timeliness, district flexibility, or overall project execution. USACE intends to improve the civil works in performance and responsiveness; customer satisfaction, public trust and confidence; readiness and relevance. Find out more about the civil works program here.

Considering the nation’s current and emerging water resources needs as well as the high federal budget cuts to its funding, the civil works program transformation isn’t only beneficial, it’s imperative. In FY2012, the Obama administration implemented a reduction of $913 million from the 2010 level.  According to, this decision reflects government-wide efforts to create cost savings by removing outdated projects. More importantly, the federal budget proposes for the civil works program “to create savings and efficiencies through the elimination of duplicative and lower-priority programs including Corps funding of local water and wastewater treatment projects.”

USACE has targeted four key areas in its civil works program for improvement: the project planning process, budget development, infrastructure strategy and methods of delivery. See the civil works transformation fact sheet here.

More info:
USACE Sacramento District: Army Corps to transform civil works program


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