NoVa Post commemorative coin history


In 2008, the SAME Northern Virginia (NoVa) Post commissioned its own commemorative coin to present to outstanding members. Read on to find out how this token of recognition came about.

Coin Inspiration
In the spring of 2008, under the direction and guidance of Post President Mary Anderson, F.SAME, NoVA Post announced an open competition for the design of a Post coin that would recognize patronage and support to the Post.  The competition was open to all NoVa Post Members, Sustaining Member Firms, Students, and immediate family members.


The selection committee for judging the submissions was chaired by Dick Ragold, P.E., F.SAME, and other committee members were Mary Anderson, Tom Delaney, Jim Donahue, Don Hazen and Amber McCormick.  A point scoring system was used to judge the entries.

At the Post’s monthly meeting on July 10, 2008, the winning design was awarded to Dewberry, a long-time sustaining member of the Post.  The coin was designed by Dave Huh, seen left, a graphic designer within Dewberry’s Communications Department.  Dave graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, in 1999.


The winning coin design is shown below.  Patriotism, the engineering community and a strong sense of history served as the inspiration for Dewberry’s submission to the coin design competition.

The front of the coin features three main elements: the eagle, an American symbol analogous to patriotism; a shield, to symbolize defense of our nation; and a columned structure, beneath the Post’s name and charter date, to remind the coin recipient of the Post’s connection with Fort Belvoir.

The rear of the coin features the national SAME logo surrounded by a colorful graphic element punctuated by four stars, to remind the recipient of the guests that have provided insight and guidance to the NoVa Post throughout its history.  As part of the Post’s history, five of its first 10 speakers were generals and admirals.  The Post’s stellar beginning started a trend of using flag officers assigned to the National Capital Region.

The NoVa Post coin is awarded by the Post President to individuals who help support SAME goals and objectives. Customarily, coins are given to luncheon speakers, Directors of note, and in December, 2012, members of Fort Belvoir’s Warrior Transition Unit.

NoVa Post is justly proud of its unique and prestigious Post coin.”SAME Posts are only as successful as the hard-working, dedicated members, speakers and other volunteers who support them, and we are pleased to be able to show that appreciation to our members,” said Connie R. Myer, Publicity Director, SAME NoVA Post.


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