Young Member talks about 2013 JETC experience

Simulator YM Event Photo

SAME Young Members Jennifer Nelson-Smith and Michelle Gallagher shot down enemy aircrafts aboard the USS Midway Flight Simulator.

Jennifer Nelson-Smith, Marketing Manager, IEA, Inc. and SAME Dallas Post Young Member Chair, attended the 2013 Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC), held May 21-24 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif. In this article she talks about her experience as a Young Member conference attendee.



[box]As a recipient of the SAME National Young Member / NCO Stipend along with the sponsorship of SAME Dallas Post, I was able to attend the 2013 Joint Engineer Training Conference and Expo (JETC).  I am thankful for this opportunity where I enjoyed four days of networking, technical sessions and exploring San Diego.

On Tuesday evening, I attended the Young Member, NCO and Fellows networking event on the USS Midway. This aircraft carrier now serves as a maritime museum located in downtown San Diego at the Navy Pier. Inside the USS Midway, they had flight simulators for attendees to try. I rode the stimulator as the “gunner” with my “pilot” Michelle Gallagher, a Young Member from Alaska. I met her at a Post Leaders Workshop in Washington D.C. last year. The flight simulator board showed that we shot down one enemy aircraft. About an hour later the Icebreaker began on the deck of the USS Midway. We walked around surrounded by restored aircrafts, while meeting and talking with other SAME members. It was indeed a fun networking experience!

The next day, the Exhibit Hall opened. It was incredible–with about 14 aisles full of booths. One of the staff members for the conference hall said that it was a quarter of a mile from one end of the area we were in to the other. Exploring the aisles gave me a lot of ideas for my firm’s future booths not to mention amassing a bag full of giveaways to bring back with me.

On Thursday, I attended the Contracting technical workshop. The session had contracting officers from NAVFAC and USACE. The open discussions between the public agencies and the private contractors provoked many conversations about the new budget situation and what the fourth quarter of FY2013 would look like for both entities. It was very informative.

Overall, the 2013 JETC was a very exciting and rewarding experience for me. If any Young Members out there are interested in getting more involved with SAME or hearing more about my 2013 JETC trip, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’d love to talk with you! [/box]


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