USAFA camper sponsored by Omaha Post recounts his experience


Each year, Omaha Post sponsors students to attend SAME Engineering and Construction Camps. Two high school students with interest in pursuing engineering were sponsored to attend this summer, including Giles McGillick, a sophomore at St. Thomas More High School in Rapid City, S.D.

McGillick attended the the U.S. Air Force Academy Camp, held June 27 to July 03, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Below is a letter sent by McGillick to SAME Omaha Post Scholarships Chair, Natasha M. Hartley, PMP, Woolpert, recounting his experience.


Dear Ms. Hartley,

I had a truly wonderful time at the SAME USAFA Construction camp.  The opportunity to attend this camp was a blessing, and I just want to begin by thanking SAME Omaha Post and the Black Hills Field Chapter (especially Lt. Col. Brian Vulcan who made this all possible) for the scholarship I received.

I was nervous about attending the camp with kids I did not know.  Even though I had seen some pictures online of the different activities campers had done in the past, I was unsure of what my take of the camp would be.  Of course, by the end of the first day, my excitement grew enormously for what was going to happen.  I was one of the first kids to arrive.  I was introduced to my flight leader instantly, and another camper in my group.  As we waited for more campers to arrive, the staff (adults and Cadets), group mentors (all adults), and flight commanders (Cadets) kept us busy with different activities.  When all of the kids had arrived, there was a total of eight flights with 12 campers in each group.  It was amazing to see all of the knowledge that each person had and shared with us.

I was able to form a great relationship with everyone in my flight almost instantly, which made rest of the week so much more enjoyable.  Throughout the week, the staff kept us busy with different challenges that required teamwork, individual work, and multiple group discussions.  I think my favorite experience of the camp was when we were able to visit all of the different engineering labs at the Academy.  We were able to learn a lot about each field, and all of the professors there were extremely helpful.  I had gone into the camp with an idea in mind of what I would like to major in, and I came out with three different majors I was interested in.  The staff allowed us to have fun as well.  One night, the whole camp took part in a volleyball tournament, with a Hawaiian theme for the night.

All in all, I had the time of my life at the USAFA SAME Construction camp, and it was the best camp I have ever attended.  It had a life changing impact on me; it increased my desire to attend the Air Force Academy and study engineering. If I had the chance to go to the camp again, I would definitely go without a doubt.  I also formed some of the best friendships that I could ever have with all of the other kids from my flight.  Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.

Giles McGillick


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