Contractors on the Battlefield Workshop


The 2013 SAME Contractors on the Battlefield workshop was held Nov. 8 in Alexandria Va. In attendance were representatives from USACE, NAVFAC, J4 Engineering, Air Force Civil Engineering and SAME sustaining members.

Dr. Bob Wolff, P.E., F.SAME, Executive Director, SAME, provided welcome remarks and introduced the speakers.

Col. Dan Grey, P.E., USA (Ret.), Chair, JECO Committee, gave a brief overview of Joint Engineer Contingency Operations (JECO) Committee and discussed the SAME Executive Forum and JETC events that related to the workshop.  Col. Grey completed his overview by mentioning the value of the Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC) and private industry’s contribution to those courses.

Col. Pete Rowan, CH2M Hill (USA (Ret.) moderated the morning session on industry issues such as lessons learned on U.S. acquisition strategy for planning and implementing construction programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, hybrid contracts in lieu of firm fixed price or cost-plus contracts, and the impacts of Special Investigator and GAO Reports on contracting officers.

Other issues discussed were the extreme challenges contractors face with taxes, licensing, etc. with the Afghanistan government and a reality that contractors are replacing force structure that doesn’t exist anymore.


The workshop continued on with Col. Dan Grey, P.E., USA (Ret.), moderating the afternoon session on New Contingency UFC’s: UFC 1-201-01 Non-Permanent Construction in Support of Military Operations and UFC 1-202-01 Host Nation Facilities in Support of Military Operations.

At the end of the event, Dr. Wolff  summarized a few SAME issues related to the workshop topics and mentioned that SAME is working with the Army Engineer Association to bring similar education to the Army Engineering Brigade level, expanding our JEOC presentations to the engineer schools, and planning an Executive Forum in September where there will be another opportunity for a JECO session.

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