Discover the Ins and Outs of federal facilities at the 2014 FM Workshop


DOD is the nation’s largest property owner, with more than 540,000 facilities (buildings, structures, and linear structures) located on 5,000 sites worldwide, and covering over 28 million acres of land.

Who’s in charge of all those buildings? 

Come on down to San Antonio to find out! Home of the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and the 2014 SAME/IFMA Facilities Management Workshop

DOD owns more than 540,000 facilities and structures on 5,000 sites around the world.
DOD photo by Senior Airman Perry Aston

Facilities are at the core of all military operations—from conducting ground-breaking research to keeping our armed forces trained, tested and prepared. Keeping these multi-million dollar assets operating smoothly is no easy feat, especially in this era of constrained federal budgets.

Learn more about how today’s facility managers are doing more with less. Take advantage of SAME and IFMA member pricing today!



  • The 2014  SAME/IFMA Facilities Management Workshop is a one-of-a-kind educational workshop that builds on the 10-year Strategic Partnership between SAME and IFMA.
  • Leaders in the Facility Management and A/E/C fields will be joined by a wealth of government agencies, including IMCOM, NAVFAC, AFCEC, USACE, the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, and the House Armed Services Committee, on hand to share their knowledge and expertise through three main educational tracks: Energy, Asset Management and Executive Leadership.
  • Hear from government experts on Master Planning, Energy and Asset Management, Green Building Certification, BIM, Facility Sustainment and Investment, and much more.
  • Click here to see the schedule of events. The workshop is being held February 13-14, 2014, centrally located in the United States in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Come a day early for an in-depth CFM Exam Prep Workshop!


Come to San Antonio Feb. 13-14 for the 2014 SAME/IFMA Facilities Management Workshop!

San Antonio, Texas • Feb. 13-14, 2014


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