Huntington Post Supports Wounded Warriors


Staff Sgt. Robert Geer's homecoming was covered by the local news.

In December, Staff Sgt. Robert Geer, a wounded veteran, returned to his hometown in Huntington, WV. He was stationed in Afghanistan for a 12-month tour of duty but ended his deployment early due to a land mine explosion.

The day after Christmas, Huntington Post members Bill Graham and Mark D. Kessinger visited Staff Sgt. Geer and his family. According to Graham, meeting with fallen soldiers is a great way to offer support in a personal way. “We got to know Staff Sgt. Geer and his family, learned about his service and the incident on Sept. 28th that caused his injuries.” At the end of the meeting, Graham presented Staff Sgt. Geer a $500 check on behalf of Huntington Post.

The explosion threw Staff Sgt. Geer 5 ft in the air, leaving his left leg, back and left arm severely injured and fracturing  his left hand and left leg. Commenting on his homecoming, Staff Sgt. Geer said “To have my family spend this Christmas together after having such a tragic moment for me is probably the best gift I could get for Christmas, that’s for sure.”

SAME has established the SAME Wounded Warriors Initiative that partners with Quality of Life + (QL+) to generate innovations to aid and improve the quality of life for those injured in the line of duty. By harnessing the exceptional creative and engineering skills of students and faculty at Cal Poly, QL+ succeeds in developing innovative solutions that help our nation’s heroes live, work and play.


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  1. Thanks for your support of Wounded Warriors! improving the quality of life for those injured in the line of duty is what’s needed now that so many have come home and are getting out of the service. I’m on a similar mission and therefore I’m commenting on behalf of unemployed service disabled veterans, wounded warriors who have taken it upon themselves to start their own businesses because in many cases finding employment wasn’t an option. The Wounded Warrior Directory is a directory of almost 6000 Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses where the veteran owner has a disability that occurred in the service to their country and they deserves our support. Please help us in this mission to promote and support Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses by linking to Wounded Warriors Directory at and helping to promote this cause. Thank you for your support! I’d love to link up and see if we can work together on some things.

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